We are an international merchant bank focused on cross-border transactions, strategic international expansion, blockchain and technology, energy, real estate and investment.

RockTree Capital is a pioneer in international merchant banking with expertise in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, blockchain and technology, energy, investment and real estate between China, North America, the Middle East and Central.  Our team converges its core strengths of acquisitions, finance, legal and due diligence with our global partners.

RockTree’s team has raised billions of dollars in equity and debt on a global basis.  Our clients have achieved long-term success built on trust, customized solutions and innovative execution that is sensitive to local needs. Local needs of China.  Local needs of North America.  Local needs of Middle East.  By converging local projects and international capital through our dedicated specialized local and international approach to deal creation, we have successfully led many transactions by pairing the right international and local capital with the right local deal in the United States and Canada.

Foreign Real Estate Companies Have Three Paths to Operating and Investing in the United States: